I seem to have a nine year old’s skills in titling blogposts…there’s nothing like a spot of alliteration.  Err random start.  SO today I thought we should talk oushak rugs, ladies and gents.

I have had a soft spot in my heart for these for a long long time now – adding the perfect exotic/ethnic vibe underfoot but without the more saturated and vibrant palettes you so often get with Persian rugs, they complement a really wide array of different interiors styles.

oushak rug round up www.ellymacdonalddesign.com8

Named after the city of Uşak in Turkey {please excuse the weird bold ‘s’}, these rugs have traditionally always been amongst the finest produced in the whole country – indeed a study of the rugs found in Istanbul’s largest mosques found that they were almost exclusively these intricate, high end specimens, with their star, medallion and floral motifs.

oushak rug round up www.ellymacdonalddesign.com1

Typical palettes include gold, soft blues and greens, greys, blush pink, ivory, terracotta and cinnamon; lots of gorgeous, soft, naturally-occurring dyes.  And the wool used is of a very high calibre, super silky and light-reflective, which adds even further to the visual appeal of the colours.

All of these factors add up to one rather large blow to the bank balance – these puppies do not come cheap but blimey O’Reilly are they beautiful:

oushak rug round up www.ellymacdonalddesign2

Fave inspo shots below – this first one on the RHS has been in my brain for a long long time now:

oushak rug round up www.ellymacdonalddesign3

Loving them paired with statement chandies in these next two:

oushak rug round up www.ellymacdonalddesign4

They’re fantastic for adding visual interest to fairly neutral spaces:

oushak rug round up www.ellymacdonalddesign5

Or to offset darker floor and wall finishes:

oushak rug round up www.ellymacdonalddesign6

oushak rug round up www.ellymacdonalddesign7


YUM.  I am all over these like a pigeon on a chip.  Wait, I don’t live in London anymore…like a monkey on a can of 100plus.  For more Turkish/Moroccan rug-gy goodness also check out these posts on delectable beni ouarains and overdyed rugs.

And here’s a little round up of a few options if you would like to add one of these beauts to your life.  Some of these are real deal authentic vintage pieces (with price points to match) and some are more contemporary versions.  All are bananas beautiful.

oushak rug round up elly macdonald design

{ from top left: indigo / sky blue / distressed blush / grey / distressed grey / mid-blue / taupe / blush / faded blue / taupe / aqua + coral / peach }


{I do know you can’t really sell both your kidneys}

So tell me loves, what say you…?  Need a little oushak on your floor?