Well I’m back in the UK.  The last couple of months have been an insane whirlwind of closing down my home, life and business in Singapore, and starting up all three in Surrey/London.  I can’t quite believe it but apparently I’ve been away from the motherland for nearly eight years.

I first started my blog back in the early days, to track my progress from Chartered Accountant to ‘Interior Design Goddess’ {complete with fairy image, ha!  27 year old Elly was apparently about as silly as 34 year old Elly} – comically poorly formatted first blog entry here {and I do still love armchairs and lanterns, but errr I’m still not sure what a splicer is?}.  Well I am certainly no goddess, but I am happy and proud to say that I am now a fully fledged interior designer, with many fantastic projects in my portfolio, spread across Singapore, Hong Kong, the States and the UK.

It’s been an incredible adventure, starting on a windswept Caribbean beach and ending in a leafy green Singaporean suburb, via Hong Kong’s crazy skyscrapers and Bali’s peaceful paddy fields, with many many highs along the way as well as an irritating quantity of lows – two continents, four countries, six homes, two careers, two small businesses, one marriage :), one divorce :(, four new amazing sports, one Nepalese goat-bus, never enough Jamaican dancehall, 0.1 chicken feet, many underwater dancing turtles, six choral performances, two new lifelong loves of hermit crabs and bougainvillea, one Balinese motorbike crash, 400,000 curry puffs, one marathon, three manta rays, 0.01 durian, seven sets of stunning climbing crags, so much nasi goreng and gamelan music, one mohawked monkey, four Hungry Ghost festivals, three National Day Parades, two Pirates Weeks, one Thaipusam festival, approximately 1 bazillion downward facing dogs, three Sai Kung waterfalls and four dai pai dong, too few Boggy Sands Beach fish fry, six dragonboat competitions, 15 lovely design clients, five print magazine articles, many technology tantrums, one comically passive/aggressive sub-contractor, a huge number of fantastic suppliers, and innumerable good people around quite literally the entire world.

But why blab on about it when you can cram 8 years into 20 seconds of highly saturated images?  {Side note: I’ve discovered the Photoshop ‘saturate’ button is like the e-numbers of the photography world}.  Is it healthy therapeutic reflection, or self-indulgent narcissism…?  Maybe somewhere in the middle between the two:



At least I managed to restrain myself from adding an emotional soundtrack.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to turn a passion for interior design and traditional artisanal textiles and handicrafts, into a business in Singapore.  I am now offering competitively priced e-design services in Singapore, the US and the UK, and am available for full service design projects in the London/Surrey area.

Please refer to my portfolio {here} to see my previous work, and Houzz {here} for happy client testimonials!  And feel free to reach out to me directly, I’d be delighted to hear from you:


{all credits: Elly MacDonald Design}