I’ve received quite a few enquiries over the last couple of months about the interior e-design services I offer, here at Elly MacDonald Design, to clients in Singapore, the US and the UK.

So I thought I’d save my sausage-fingers from some avoidable typing, and do a little blog summary of the ins and outs of this service.

penn farmhouse plan ground floor - Elly MacDonald Design - Singapore interior designer

It’s essentially a more affordable version of a traditional interior design project.  In an e-design project, the client does all the non-design-y bits and pieces: the measuring up of the space, the purchasing and installing of all furniture, textiles and accessories, the sourcing and managing of contractors (where used), the dealing with any and all install bloopers {there’s always one!}, the styling, etc etc.

The designer focuses on all the design-y bits and pieces: the technical floor plans and elevations, colour and textural palettes, pulling together the design schemes, managing budgets, factoring in lead times, and processing client feedback on the various design drafts issued.

Unlike, ahem, some other firms {that shall remain nameless}, it’s very important to me that these projects are still as personal and non-generic as they would be if they were a full concept interior design service.  I make a huge effort to ensure that the designs are very specific to the client, their personal story, their interests and their family.

e-design graphic www.ellymacdonalddesign.com3

So how does it actually work, I hear you ask?

The client provides me with images of all four walls of each room to be designed, the dimensions of the space, images of any existing items of furniture/artwork/textiles to be incorporated, a link to their Pinterest board and lastly my e-design questionnaire.

A little like this, which was the input from a lovely {and extremely design-savvy} client in Pennsylvania, USA, she of testimonial-fame above:

e-design graphic www.ellymacdonalddesign.com2

{credit: Elly MacDonald Design}

I then go away and do my thang, rustling up for each room a floor plan, scheme board, and shopping list.  The fee I charge includes three drafts, so that we make sure we get the design really spot on.  This is quite different to a lot of other e-design services out there, which often just offer one draft.  The more feedback clients can give me on each draft, the better I can tailor the subsequent ones to them.  I usually find it’s pretty spot on at draft 2, and then the third one is more for final tweaks.

e-design graphic www.ellymacdonalddesign.com

{credit: Elly MacDonald Design}

The best thing about it is that the service is totally customisable too, I can help out with whatever additional services are needed.  So for instance, subsequent to the standard e-design package being delivered, previous clients have then tagged on advice on things such as gallery wall arrangements, technical lighting plans, specific elevations they need, help finding a recommended upholsterer in their area etc etc.  I can help with it all!

Fee-wise, for this e-design service I charge on a per room basis, with bulk discounts available for four rooms and above, and I then subsequently charge an hourly fee for additional services.

So please get in touch if you are interested!  elly@ellymacdonalddesign.com